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Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

PRA Canada’s intention is to incorporate environmental, social, and corporate governance criteria into our operating framework. This aligns directly with our longstanding commitment to our clients, partners, and employees and the communities in which we operate.​

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Equal Opportunity Employer

PRA Canada employs a diverse range of staff from all backgrounds and origins. We are an equal opportunity employer with a core belief that a diverse workforce helps contribute to a balanced and engaged team.

  • PRA offers an inclusive workplace and is committed to achieving a work environment where all employees are valued for the diversity they bring to the organization.

  • PRA will endeavour to ensure that all policies, procedures, practices and guidelines are free of deliberate or unintentional barriers. 

  • PRA offers options for employees to take necessary time off work to observe religious holidays. This may include paid time off, unpaid time off, flex-time, or the ability to switch statutory holidays.

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Environmental Commitment

PRA Canada is committed to operating in a responsible and sustainable manner that reduces our organizations contribution to greenhouse emissions. PRA Canada supports a reduction in emissions through the following conscious activities:  

  • Encouraging our staff and clients to ‘think twice’ before printing documents. 

  • PRA Canada remote workforce and virtual work environment, minimizing ‘travel based’ emissions. 

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Mission Statement

Our goal is to develop the most appropriate Internal Audit function for each client at a competitive price. Our team leverages leading practices from all engagements, and tailors our services to deliver an unequalled Internal Audit proposition. 

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Code of Conduct

PRA Canada’s Code of Ethics acts as our firm-wide standards of conduct and aligns directly with the IIA’s Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics states the principles and expectations governing the behaviour of our employees in the conduct of Internal Audit Assignments. Our Code of Ethics is required to be signed by all PRA staff and adherence to the code is monitored by our Human Resources department through our annual performance plan evaluation process. Any identified breaches of the Code of Ethics are dealt with immediately and directly by the firm’s partners.

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Conflict of Interest Management

Developing, enabling and managing analytical capabilities to reap benefit from data assets in alignment with objectives. Leveraging in audit techniques and supporting the business objectives

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Financial Stability

PRA Canada is a private firm that has been operating in Canada for over 35 years. Our financial stability and tenure within the industry have enabled PRA to maintain many long-standing relationships with our clients. 

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