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Core Values
Our firm’s vision and success have been built on enduring and consistent values.

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We strongly believe in the importance of strong leadership not only internally but also at an industry level. The PRA Senior Leadership team continues to play an active role in developing industry practices through active participation in various leadership roles within industry bodies including the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), RIMS and various IT security-related organizations.

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PRA Canada has earned the enduring trust of our 100+ clients whose average tenure is more than 20 years. We have acted as a reliable steadfast resource in times of crisis such as cyber and forensic incidents for our clients and are recognized as subject matter experts.

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PRA Canada was born from a disruptive idea that Internal Audit could be outsourced resulting in PRA beginning operations in 1985 as the first provider of outsourced Internal Audit services to the Canadian financial services industry. We continue to see the importance of taking a new and innovative approach to our audit and advisory activities. 

Key areas where we have delivered innovative solutions to our clients include: 

  • Data Analytics: Introduced data analytics and tools into the financial services sector in the 1990s resulting in data analytics used to detect large frauds.

  • Robotic Process Automation: In 2020 we brought innovative new technology - robotic process automation, obtained RPA certifications and deployed more than a dozen robots across our client base. This has resulted in improved efficiencies being achieved.

  • Artificial Intelligence:  Our future plans include the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to further enhance efficiency and Internal Audit oversight.

  • Financial Modeling Tool: In partnership with a financial services client, we have built a financial modelling tool that will enable strategic decisions to be made around product and service offerings quicker and more effectively.

  • CyberGuard: PRA Canada formed a unique partnership between a global leader in cyber security software, clients and our company. We created a shared common technology platform that enables 24/7 continuous risk monitoring and audit tool that increases productivity as well as the capacity of IT and audit functions. 

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