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Market Conduct Code, Ethics, Complaint & Whistleblower Services.

PRA Canada and WhistleBlower Security Partner to Offer Comprehensive & Affordable Ethics and Misconduct Reporting and Investigation Solutions. Transparency Matters.

PRA Canada, a leading provider of risk management and internal audit services, and WhistleBlower Security, a renowned provider of ethics and compliance reporting solutions, are proud to announce their strategic partnership to offer banks and credit unions an independent and transparent whistleblowing reporting and investigation solution.

Effective, Industry Leading Practices:

Compliance and Regulatory Reporting: WhistleBlower Security provides secure and transparent ethics, misconduct, and complaint reporting services for financial institutions, accessible 24/7, in over 150 languages, through various channels such as contact center, email, and customizable online portals. Our services are designed to meet regulatory and compliance expectations, ensuring confidentiality and anonymity for whistleblowers.

Case Management Software:

Partnering with WhistleBlower and PRA Canada includes access to WhistleBlower Security's IntegrityCounts platform, renowned for its independence and transparency. This robust software simplifies the reporting and tracking of ethics issues and customer complaints, generating enterprise-level reports, and maintaining whistleblower confidentiality. Executive management and the board can exercise independent and proactive monitoring of ethics and compliance reports in real-time, ensuring robust oversight and upholding standards of integrity.

Monitoring & Report Assessment:

PRA Canada's comprehensive ethics and complaint management services go beyond mere monitoring and review of reports. Our experienced team provides regular updates, including trend analysis and actionable recommendations for improvement. Our services empower clients to effectively address recurring issues, maintain compliance, and enhance policies through meticulous record-keeping, pattern analysis, and identification of areas of concern.


Our team at PRA Canada conducts comprehensive and impartial investigations into reports of misconduct and ethics violations. We handle sensitive information with confidentiality and anonymity for whistleblowers, ensuring professional and respectful treatment of all parties involved. Our investigations are carried out with transparency and objectivity, following industry best practices, and providing timely and thorough outcomes.

Maintain a Culture of Trust and Transparency:

At PRA Canada and WhistleBlower Security, we understand the importance of maintaining trust and confidence in the financial industry. Our solutions are designed to help organizations effectively address ethics and compliance issues, mitigate risks, and promote a culture of integrity.

Contact us at 604-591-6440 or to set up an appointment with our team of experts and learn more about how we can support your organization in upholding the highest ethical standards.

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