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PRA Canada Internal Succession Announcement

As part of our long-term planning, PRA Canada is pleased to announce the appointment of Jeremy Picco as the Managing Partner, PRA Canada effective March 1, 2018.

Jeremy succeeds Peter Reimer and has more than two decades of Internal Audit and advisory experience from his roles both within and external to PRA. As a CPA, CA, CIA and CFA, Jeremy leads the Internal Audit practice for PRA Canada and provides oversight of the Internal Audit practices as well as leadership of specialty areas including Treasury, AML compliance, regulatory compliance and IT audit for clients across Canada. Jeremy joined PRA in 2003 and currently divides his time between Ontario and British Columbia.

Peter, the founder of the firm, will continue to provide senior level resources to Internal Audit and Risk Advisory clients across Canada and will remain a Partner in the firm.

In addition, PRA Canada’s leadership team is comprised of Fred Zdan, Partner as well as Practice Leads: Alan Cosgrave, Scott Betts and Jason Athwal.

PRA is proud to serve its more than 100 financial institution and public service clients across Canada. We have a strong heritage with more than 30 years in the business and more importantly a very bright future thanks to our team of talented and committed resources. We have grown our pool of leaders and are excited to provide you with further updates on our succession plans in 2018. These are exciting times for PRA Canada and our clients. Stay tuned!

For further information please contact Jeremy Picco, Peter Reimer or Fred Zdan @ PRA Canada.

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